Chemical Feed and Disinfection

Wallace & Tiernan® offer a complete range for municipal, industrial water and wastewater treatment plants including products and systems for disinfection through chlorination using gas feeders, dry chemical feeders, gas dosing equipment, and chlorinators, dechlorination and chlorine dioxide generation systems.

The product line also includes dry chemical dosing, liquid metering equipment, peristaltic pumps, metering pumps, and polyelectrolyte preparation systems together with sodium hypochlorite dosing equipment and on site electro-chlorination (OSEC®), UV disinfection, Odour Control systems and process technology.

A comprehensive range of analysers, nutrient analysers, septicity control systems, water treatment controllers, flowmeters, and pressure instruments backs this water treatment equipment.

Complete Chlorination & Gas Feed Systems


Our range of gas feeders include equipment from all-vacuum solution feed systems to a simple direct pressure unit for stand-by and emergency use. Most feature built-in automatic switchover from one unit to another to provide a continuous supply of gas as well as automatic control of the gas feed system.

OSEC® On-site Electrolytic Chlorination Systems


The OSEC (On-Site Electrolytic Chlorination) System produces sodium hypochlorite on site and on demand through the electrolysis of a brine solution. It is available in standard unit capacities ranging from 2 to 907kgs of equivalent chlorine per day. The system capacity can be increased by use of additional modular electrolysers.

Metering Pumps, Accessories and Systems


Extensive range of highly accurate measuring instruments are capable of covering a wide range of capacities and pressures to handle a variety of liquids, with pump liquid end selection to suit each individual application.

Dry-chemical Feeders and Systems
Extensive, diversified line of dry chemical feeders and systems that include gravimetric weighbelt feeders, screw and belt type volumetric feeders, Lime slaking systems and dry or liquid polymer preparation systems.

Polymer Preparation Systems


Our Series Polymer Systems produce a continuous batch of completely activated, fully aged polymer solutions from dry or liquid polymer. Two types of systems are available.

Analytical and Process Control Instrumentation


Disinfection and the maintenance of low residual levels in water distribution systems is becoming more and more demanding with the requirement for greater accuracy and increased reliability.

On-line measuring systems for oxidants, pH, Redox, Turbidity and Dissolved Oxygen.

Liquid and Gas Varea-Meter® Flow instrumentation


An integrated line of flowmeters and accessories that are extremely durable even in the toughest of applications.

Odour Control Liquid & Vapour Stage Package Systems


Wallace & Tiernan® products have long been associated with the prevention of septic sewage. Over 20 years of experience has been developed into providing a full odour control treatment capability which includes both liquid and vapour phase treatment.

The choice of treatment process will depend on a series of factors that Filtration Technology will be pleased to investigate to ensure that the correct odour control package is chosen.

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