A leader in advanced treatment solutions to safeguard the world's water.That's why, for more than a quarter of a century, Trojan has led the development of water treatment solutions using environmentally friendly ultraviolet (UV) light. Today, Trojan has the largest installed base of UV systems in operation on the planet, and many of their innovations define the industry standards for safeguarding our water from the damaging effects of microbial and chemical contamination.

Ultraviolet light is the environmentally responsible way to treat water supplies and wastewater. Concentrated doses of UV light, at the germicidal wavelength of 253.7 nanometers, alter the genetic (DNA) material in the cells so that bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae and other microorganisms can no longer reproduce.

Trojan Technologies Inc. have researched, developed and refined the innovative technology needed to harness and concentrate UV energy for disinfecting water and wastewater. Through on-going research in this field, Trojan has become the world leader in UV technology and applications.

Trojan’s complete line of UV disinfection systems are being used worldwide — in homes, in industry, in institutions and in municipal water and wastewater treatment plants.

Trojan has low flow UV systems for residential and commercial use, high flow pressurised units for industrial and institutional applications and large modular disinfection units for municipal wastewater treatment plants.





UV Disinfection for Wastewater

UV Disinfection for
Drinking Water

UV-oxidation Process - Environmental Contaminant Treatment

In the interest of balancing public safety and environmental protection with the need for effective disinfection, many wastewater utilities have adopted ultraviolet (UV) as the most appropriate treatment option – compared to chemical disinfection.

UV disinfection is a physical process that instantaneously neutralizes microorganisms as they pass by ultraviolet lamps submerged in the effluent. The process adds nothing to the water but UV light, and therefore, has no impact on the chemical composition or the dissolved oxygen content of the water. In that respect, it ensures compliance with ever-tightening wastewater effluent discharge regulations.

The adoption of ultraviolet light for wastewater disinfection has grown significantly over the past few decades. Today, over twenty percent of wastewater treatment plants in North America employ this environmentally-friendly technology. Thousands of municipalities have converted from chemical-based disinfection, such as chlorine gas, to UV due to the significant safety advantages for their communities, plant employees and local water bodies. As new wastewater treatment plants are constructed around the world, UV is most often selected for disinfection because of the cost savings in both initial construction and long term operation.

Trojan offers the most advanced UV systems in the world for safeguarding drinking water from harmful microorganisms, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

UV is a proven and safe alternative for primary disinfection as it is free of the harmful by-products associated with chemical disinfection. UV also has the added benefit of not compromising the taste, color or odor of water.

Trojan has an unrivalled depth of experience at all scales. We are proud to have been selected by New York City to be the supplier of ultraviolet (UV) drinking water disinfection equipment for the Catskill/Delaware UV Disinfection Facility. Trojan supplied 56 units, capable of treating a total of 2.2 billion gallons per day, making this the largest UV drinking water facility in the world.

UV, either alone or in combination with hydrogen peroxide, destroys contaminants in a variety of applications including drinking water, wastewater recycling, and groundwater remediation.

Increasingly, water providers are taking advantage of this dual capability of UV light to simultaneously disinfect and treat contaminants (through UV photolysis and UV-oxidation - also known as advanced oxidation) such as taste and odor-causing compounds, nitrosamines, pesticides and algal toxins.

Trojan’s installation base of municipal and industrial UV systems performing Environmental Contaminant Treatment (ECT), also known as advanced oxidation, continues to grow. A variety of water treatment facilities throughout the world employ the TrojanUVPhox™ for the treatment of various contaminants. One example is the Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment (GWR) System in Fountain Valley, California (USA). The GWR system provides up to 70 million gallons per day (MGD) of purified recycled water for augmentation of local drinking water supplies in highly water-stressed southern California. The TrojanUVPhox™ disinfects and destroys trace contaminants that pass through the reverse osmosis membrane treatment system.

Trojan UV Disinfection

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